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We are the worldwide leader of the fire service in developing fire and emergency responder training materials. Our training and educational material is validated by firefighters, for firefighters.

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In support of the Oklahoma State University mission, and in partnership with the International Fire Service Training Association, the mission of Fire Protection Publications is to be the fire service leader in producing high quality, technically accurate, state-of-the-art, and affordable fire training and educational materials.

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Leadership for the Wildland Fire Officer: Leading in a Dangerous Profession, 2nd edition

The 2nd Edition of Bill Teie’s Leadership for the Wildland Fire Officer – Leading in a Dangerous Profession has been developed to address various supervisory and leadership positions of wildland firefighting outlined by the National Wildfire Coordinators Group (NWCG). 

This book is aimed toward new and experienced wildland firefighters who serve in a leadership role within their organizations. Chapters 1-5 are an excellent tool for any current or future leader in fire service. Chapters 6-9 deal with the situational and tactical processes a wildland fire officer faces daily. Following Chapter 9 is an addendum containing 15 after-action reports of “Fires We Should Not Forget” as well as the lesson learned from each fire. 

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How to Protect Houses from Ignition from Wildfires

How to Protect Houses from Ignition from Wildfires

By Vyto Babrauskas How do houses burn down? There are two main ways: from an internal ignition source and from an external ignition source. Building codes focus primarily on protecting houses from internal ignition sources, but wildfires—forest fires, vegetation...

Sparks From Light Caused Gray (WA) Fire, DNR Investigation Finds

Sparks From Light Caused Gray (WA) Fire, DNR Investigation Finds

Emma Epperly - The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash. Feb. 6—The Gray fire that devastated Medical Lake in August was caused by sparks from an Inland Power and Light security light mounted to a pole, a Department of Natural Resources investigation found. Multiple...