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Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions is a premier global solutions provider, producing high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives. The company develops products that impact critically important issues of life – issues where there often is no room for error and the job doesn’t offer second chances. At Perimeter, we characterize the solutions we develop as ‘Solutions That Save’ – because it helps underscore what we are trying to accomplish for our customers and the world at large, across all of our business segments..

Solutions That Save. Lives.

In support of the Oklahoma State University missionIn Fire Safety, Perimeter is the only full-service solutions provider offering products, equipment, personnel, logistics and service. Perimeter Solutions operates as the largest global producer of fire-fighting chemicals with a broad product offering across fire retardant and firefighting foam applications. Perimeter is a key supplier of wildland fire fighting products and services to the USDA Forest Service, CalFire and other large fire management agencies across the world. Our retardant and Class A foam products are fully qualified by the USDA Forest Service. We produce major brands known throughout the world like
PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® retardant, foam and gel products; AUXQUIMIA® firefighting foam products, SOLBERG® fluorine-free foam products.

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Perimeter Solutions’ PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® brand long-term fire retardants, Class A foams and gels are the world’s safest, most effective and environmentally friendly products available for fighting, managing and controlling wildland fires. Perimeter Solutions’ wildland fire chemicals have been used by the premier fire management agencies around the world since 1963. Perimeter Solutions’ innovative new products include our ultra-high visibility retardants, the world’s best Class A foam, and our unique fire-suppressant gel. We also offer a wide range of equipment and services.


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