Skid Units

Build Your Own Skid Unit!

The MINI-STRIKER® is available as a portable pump, a vehicle mount unit and now as a firefighting skid deck to build your own skid unit. Initial attacks and spot patrols on fires, especially rural, field, forest, and brush fires, as ...

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The RANCHER® is a compact and lightweight unit designed for use on ATVs and small utility vehicles, available with a 65 or 125 gallon tank. Commonly used in wildland urban interface areas, it allows for rapid access to remote areas ...

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WATERAX VERSAX® Series Fire Pump

The VERSAX® is a versatile, rugged, and economical twin impeller self-priming pump powered by a Honda engine for superior water transfer performance as well as the ability to combat fire from a greater distance and at an elevation. The VERSAX® ...

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